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Monday, July 22, 2013

Beyond Data Centers & Server Rooms

When we started selling our first generation of temperature sensors and other environmental sensors back in 2004, we tied our sensors closely with our Monitoring Software which was launched a year earlier.

The sensors relied on a proprietary serial protocol and couldn't be integrated with any other network monitoring software.

This changed in 2010 when we launched the first generation of our Sensorgateways.  The Sensorgateway was created as a low-cost but high value IP based temperature sensor.   The idea was to create a device that would be able on its own to monitor, report and alert on sensor values.

As no software was needed to control the sensors, customers started deploying our sensors beyond the data centers and server rooms we designed them for.   Our industrial design made them suitable for other industries that we didn't think of and that our customers found applications for.

To illustrate some of those industries we created a small video that shows you how our sensors can be used in data centers, server rooms, healthcare, cold storage, oil & gas, communication rooms, winery's.

If you have deployed the sensors in other fields than above, then please share in the comments section how you use our sensors.  If  you have a nice high resolution picture, then we will see if we can include it in the animation.

Enjoy the video

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