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Friday, January 11, 2013

SensorGateways v5 launched

Today we have released the latest version of our SensorGateways.

This fifth hardware generation boasts a set of new exciting features.   The main new feature is the "social monitoring" capability.

SNMP & IP temperature sensors are available from a wide range of vendors, including ServersCheck.  The more advanced, like ours, all feature an embedded web server which allows you to connect to the device and walk around to see the readings of the sensors.

But what when you walk around in a data center or server room and you want to see the actual temperature?  You don't want to have to connect to the sensor to get the reading.  You want to know it right away.

To address this feature we have introduced the OLED display on our SensorGateways.   The oled display shows you in real time the actual readings from the sensors so that you know what's happening in your server room. 

The SensorGateways also have a new firmware on there which makes them compatible with hardware version 3 of SNMP for enhanced security.

The units can also now send out alerts via secure email protocols like the ones from Gmail.

Click here to learn more about our newest SensorGateways.