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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cold reboots via SMS

cold reboot via sms
Today we have launched release 8.0.3 of our Monitoring Software with an exciting new (patent pending) feature: cold reboot via SMS.

A cold reboot (also known as a hard reboot, cold boot or cold start) is when power to a computer is cycled (turned off and then on).

ServersCheck's PDU enable users via a secured web interface to perform power cycles onto any device connected to it.

With this release, power cycle signals can be sent via secure SMS to the PDU. This is done through the Monitoring Software which receives and authenticates the reboot command via SMS.

No matter where you are, via secure SMS you can now restart a router, server, etc... by performing a power off / power on cycle.

More info on this feature is available here:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BTS Monitoring Solution - a 3D overview

We have just released the 3D video of our solution for monitoring mobile base stations (BTS). The solution is designed around four main focus points:
1. monitor all IP & SNMP devices & networks
2. monitor environment to safeguard equipment
3. monitor mobile services from an end-user perspective
4. monitor power usage & perform remote reboot
5. monitor I/O contacts (door, smoke, generator, ...)

Enjoy the video!