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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BTS Monitoring Solution Released

At ITU World Telekom in Geneva we have released our monitoring appliance for BTS stations. These stations are small technical rooms in which all the equipment runs to make mobile communications possible. The BTS Monitoring Appliance is an industrialized version of our traditional appliance with additional sensors and a special end-user simulation module.

More info can be found on our new website:

This is the press release that was sent out earlier today on the subject:

ServersCheck now monitors antennas of mobile operators

Zaventem, Belgium / Geneva, Switzerland, 6 October 2009 – As ITU Telecom World 2009, the world’s largest telecommunications event, got under way, the Belgian company ServersCheck presented its new BTS Monitoring Solution. This solution has been designed to monitor continuously the performances and the surrounding factors of antennas and other remote technical facilities. In the meantime, this solution has been the subject of tests among different mobile operators in the Asia-Pacific region.

A compact appliance that offers integral monitoring and simulates the end user
ServersCheck’s BTS Monitoring Solution has been developed, above all, to monitor the availability of the Base Transceiver Stations (BTS), crucial elements of mobile networks. A station such as a BTS is composed of a radio transceiver and all the expensive technical gear that goes with it together with an antenna and is directly in contact with all the mobile appliances that use the network. The continuous growth in mobile telephony and data requires greater performance from networks and the fastest possible solution of any failures, caused by problems with a BTS.

5-level control
The compact BTS Monitoring Solution offers comprehensive and continuous monitoring, and does so at 5 levels, which are essential for the operators. Through the BTS Monitoring Appliance and ServersCheck’s computer equipment which is connected to it, the solution monitors:
1. all the appliances connected to a network within the BTS,
2. all the surrounding factors (temperature, air humidity and water),
3. mobile services from an end user’s perspective (telephone conversations, SMS and 3G connections),
4. power usage, with the possibility of restarting appliances remotely,
5. all the I/O contacts (gate, smoke, backup generators, etc.)

According to Maarten Van Laere, ServersCheck’s CEO, this solution opens up new markets and new opportunities for BTS Monitoring: “We have combined our current network monitoring, detector and software expertise in this new product. The increasing number of mobile networks require high-performance networks and therefore reliable monitoring. With our BTS Monitoring Solution, we are the first to propose a comprehensive monitoring solution which is also capable of simulating the end user. That makes it possible for the operators to check and ensure optimal operation of all the telephone services while focusing on the data exchange services above all. Today, the actual customers are often the ones who have to point out the problems, which is not, commercially speaking, a good thing. Thanks to our solution, however, they are now warned of any defects in real time.”