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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ServersCheck v8 Released

We have released version 8 of our Monitoring Software.

Version 8 bring a whole set of new features making ServersCheck an even more unique solution compared to other players in the market.

What's new in v8

1/ Integrated MIB Browser & SNMP Scanner. To use a MIB file, simply drop it in the /mib foler. Go to the device properties in the ServersCheck software and scan the device. The mib will be used to make SNMP data readable and ready for monitoring.

2/ WMI monitoring: any WMI parameter, available in the Windows system being monitored, can now be analyzed.

3/ Time line reporting. You can now visually navigate to the alerting history of your monitoring solution. Simply move your browser over the report.

4/ RDP enabled remote devices? Through a single mouse click you can now connect to your monitored systems when looking at them in the device properties screen

5/ API: ServersCheck has innovated the monitoring market again by now offering an API. Anyone can now write custom checks using any of the check types available within the software. The first API made available is for monitoring routers from ImageStream.

You can download v8 from following url:

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