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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why MSN as an alerting feature?

When doing a meeting with partners or prospects, a question I often get is why ServersCheck offers MSN as an alerting feature.

Monitoring becomes less more valuable in terms of ensuring business continuity if one cannot be notified when an issue is detected. Alerting allows the recipient to take whatever steps are required to resolve the problem.

For a monitoring software package being capable to alert is good. Fortunately for all of us I have yet to encounter the first monitoring software that has not alerting possibilities.

In a previous post I have explained the benefit of using SMS alerting as this option uses the phone network rather than the GSM network.

Other alert options offered by ServersCheck are email, MSN, netsend,... Why MSN?

Alerting is about trying to pass-on a message as quickly as possible to the end-user while trying to increase the possibilities that he will read the message fast.

Email used to be the eye-catcher causing people to jump to their mailboxes once a "You've Got Mail" sound rings. Due to the large amount of genuine emails (and SPAM) we receive, watching our mail box has become less of a concern.

MSN has the benefit that it displays a small box on the PC but morehowever that people are paying higer attention to instant messaging tools compared to other types of communication.

From our perspictive we have to try to catch the attention of the end-user. Simple studies have demonstrated us that next to mobile phone, MSN has the highest eye catcher and it's free

To setup MSN alerting you will need to Live Messenger accounts:
- one MSN account for sending the chat messages -> configured on server running our software
- LiveMessenger or similar on your PC to receive the msn messages from our software.

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