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Sunday, August 10, 2008

ServersCheck in French Polynesia

Our company's strategy has been since inception is to take care of cultural differences. This resulted in having our software available in more than 30 languages, pretty unique in our market space.

We have a "Think Global, Act Local" approach. While having a standard solution almost world wide, different markets ask different approaches. Rather than opening offices in all countries of the world, we rather team up with local players in different markets.

Our market coverage is now almost world wide as through the partnership signed with 17s149w in French Polynesia, we are now represented in the Pacific region. This emphasis our believe in not only the traditional big markets where everyone is active but also the smaller markets.

I was quite surprised to hear that only one of the Big Three had a local presence in French Polynesia while speaking to a prospect. He was quite pleased to hear that ServersCheck took interest in this market as well and had partner with an innovative company like 17s149w.

You can visit our French Polynesian website at

Through our French Polynesian partner, all islands & countries in the Pacific can now turn them to a local contact that is able to assist them regarding the ServersCheck products.

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